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The HBPMF is currently implementing the “Creation of National Kindergartens” project.

By Admin  /  August 07, 2020

In order to promote the spread of sports in Armenia, to arouse in children love for and interest in sports and to discover their talent in other fields, the Federation is currently implementing the “Creation of National Kindergartens” project.

Under the project, national kindergartens will be opened in the territory of the Republic

Armenia, particularly in rural communities, which will be free of charge. The

kindergartens will have swimming pools where children can learn to swim from an early

age, as well as gyms and national dance halls which will greatly help children to have

healthy, flexible and strong bodies. This, in turn, will help us train future world-class

athletes. Those who won’t choose sports as a career will have a healthy soul, a healthy

mind, and a healthy, flexible and strong body.

There will also be fine arts and music classes, as well as intellectual games in the

kindergartens which will allow us to discover and develop all the hidden talents in

children and, what is even more important, to raise our children to be real Armenians, to

teach them what a family and family values are, what a nation and national values mean,

to teach them to preserve those values, to teach them patriotism, to make them worthy

people for their nation and homeland, to teach them to spare their own lives for their

countrypeople and Armenia and to grow up as worthy Armenians.